Types of Funds

Donate to a Specific Greater Lowell Community Foundation Fund
Make a Donation to the Greater Lowell Community Foundation

Donor Advised and Designated Funds

Donor advised funds allow donors to take an active role in philanthropy. The donor makes a donation or series of donations to the Foundation and establishes terms for how the funds will be distributed. The monies may be distributed to designated charities or at the donor’s recommendation. Interest earned and investment gains increase the fund’s charitable value. Funds are distributed upon ratification by the Foundation’s board of directors.

Field of Interest Funds

Similar to a donor advised fund, this type of fund matches the donor’s personal philanthropic goals to one or more particular areas of community need. For example, funds can benefit the arts, economic development, youth services, or any other field of interest.

Town Funds

Town funds strategically impact the communities where its donors live and work. As with other endowment funds at the Foundation, our team of professional investment advisors grow the fund’s assets and a percentage of the returns are distributed annually. The advisory committee for the town fund recommends the local nonprofit organizations that will receive distributions from the fund.

Center for Business Philanthropy: Corporate Giving

Through the Center for Business Philanthropy corporations partner with the Foundation to establish charitable giving in the workplace. Services include consultation on grant-making and the creation of endowed funds.

Scholarship Funds

The Foundation can assist families, businesses, and individuals to design a scholarship that is meaningful to them. For example, a donor can offer a scholarship at their alma mater, a scholarship for a particular field of study, or a scholarship in memory of a loved one.

Open a Fund

The foundation has made it easy for you to establish your own charitable legacy. You have free access to the foundation’s professional staff who will be happy to work with you and your advisors to decide how best to accomplish your charitable goals.

A family, individual, nonprofit agency or corporation may initially establish a named fund with cash, securities or other property. The fund must be built up to $5,000 within three years, and then the $5,000 must be invested for four quarters before grants can be distributed.

There are many ways for individuals, families, companies and private foundations to establish a fund at the foundation. The arrangements usually can be made during one meeting, with funds being governed by a clear and brief agreement and funds may be established immediately or at later date during your life. Please contact us to start a fund.